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Deadline: When is the last day to order school portraits?
Retakes & Makeups: What if I don't like my child's photos?
Ordering a New ID Card: Can I order a new ID card?
Ordering Photos: How do I order photos?
Ordering Photos for Multiple Children: Should I place a single order for multiple children?
Locating & Accessing Photos: How can I find my child's photos? What is the password?
Class Photos: How do I find a class photo?
Shopping Cart: Can I start an order and come back to it later?
Creating a Favorites Set: What is an easy way to browse through all of my children's photos at once?
Digital Downloads: Can I print a digital download? Can I share a digital download? How will I receive my digital download?
Pricing & Products: Do you offer canvases? I do not see 
Discounts & Packages: Do you offer packages? Do I need to enter a code to receive a discount?
Image Quality & Color Correction: Do you color correct images?
Touch-Ups: How do I request free touch ups on my photo purchase?
Black & White/Color Conversion: Can I change my black and white photo to color?
Cropping: Can I re-crop my photos?
Shipping Charges & Damaged Prints: Why do you charge so much for shipping? What should I do if my prints arrive damaged?
Order Approval: How long will it take to process my order?
Combining Orders & Order Errors: Can you combine my two orders? I forgot to order a product, can you add something to my order?
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About The School Portrait Session


All images are the property of Mark Tassoni Photography. Digital images cannot be used without being purchased first. It is a violation of this copyright to take a "screenshot" of an image on this site and display it on the Internet.

The deadline for ordering school portraits is Friday, December 2. After that date, the link your child’s school sent you will not work and all volume discounts will expire. If you have any questions, please send an email to

If you or your children are not satisfied with the original portraits, or they absent on picture day, I am scheduled for retakes at each school in late October. Please check your school’s calendar for dates.

Photos will be available for viewing and purchasing by Monday, October 17. You will receive an email from your child’s school with a link and password to the gallery, in addition to instructions for ordering.

You should create ONE order, even if you have multiple children across divisions or schools, otherwise you will be charged shipping for each separate order. To view photos of multiple children in a single gallery, create a Favorites set. This will help you streamline the ordering process.

You will receive an email from your child’s school with a link to the gallery and instructions on how to access your child’s photos. In order to protect your child’s privacy, we will not distribute gallery passwords to parents. Please contact your child’s school if you need the password for gallery access.

Search for your children's photos by entering their first name (formal first name provided by school) and last name (no nicknames). At some schools, photos are password protected and parents will access their child’s photos by entering their child’s student ID #, provided by the school.

Your children's class photo should appear in the gallery with their photos. If it is not there, search using the keyword "classxxxx" where xxxx is either the last name of the primary teacher, or the grade (i.e. classprek, classk, class1...). You should have received an email from your child’s school with specific instructions.

Your Shopping Cart will be saved as long as you use the same computer or device (and don’t clear your cache). If you create a favorites set, you can access your Shopping Cart from multiple devices.

You do not have to create a favorites set to order photos, but it's a good idea if you are ordering for multiple children or are sending a child for retakes. You will have to enter an email address to activate the feature, which also allows you to access your Shopping Cart from different devices.

Full resolution digital images can be purchased for $20. After you order the image, you will receive a download link in a confirmation email. If you misplace this email, contact me at

Please include digital download purchases in the same order as prints. When you purchase a digital download of an image, you may share it electronically and reproduce it as you see fit.

I offer small to large print sizes and canvases at a reasonable cost. If you want a print size or a special item that is not listed, just let me know and I'll add it to the list. I want to keep the product list as simple as possible, but the lab offers many more options.

I don't offer packages because I find them limiting. I prefer to offer volume discounts on products that you want to purchase. Discounts will be applied automatically at checkout. Orders over $40 save 25% and orders over $55 save 30%.

My goal is to make sure that the photographs you order look their best. The images you see displayed in the gallery have had basic color correction done. After an order is placed, I will go back to the photo and do some final color correction before it goes to the lab. The goal is to have a pretty stunning image.

I offer complimentary touch-ups on photos that have been purchased.

To request touch-ups: include a note on your order, accessible from the Shopping Cart.

If you look at my website, you’ll notice that I love black and white photography. As I’m editing, I covert some photos to black and white because they just look better in my mind. If you want them converted back, let me know at

I crop all images as I shoot or edit the photos. If you want a closer crop than the one I provided, you can use the cropping tool in the Shopping Cart. All photographs are taken and posted in the 4x6 ratio.

When you purchase 5x7, 8x10, or other print sizes, please review the image in the Shopping Cart to make sure the automatic crop does not exclude anything important. You can use the crop tool there to make any adjustments.

In some horizontal compositions, I like to crop tightly and slightly cut off the top of my subject’s head (I feel like it brings attention to their face). If you don't like this look, send an email to and I can provide an alternate crop for you.

I do not control the cost of and make no profit from the shipping charges.

In the rare case that your order is damaged, please send an email to

Orders are typically printed within 24 hours of being approved. It usually takes me up to 48 hours to approve an order. Get more information on the Order Approval Process below. To save on shipping: 1) DO NOT select Overnight unless it is absolutely necessary. If you really do need your prints or digital downloads within 24-48 hours, select Overnight and send an email to 2) Create one order for multiple children by creating a Favorites set.

I approve and process all orders before they go to the lab to be printed. The order approval process usually takes about 48 hours. During this time I do a final edit on photos, including touch-ups and color correction.

If you forgot to include a product, placed multiple orders for photos going to the same household, or made some other kind of ordering error, please email me at

I am a local professional photographer specializing in candid, natural light photography. I like to take genuine-looking photos of people in real moments. I look at my brief time with your child on school portrait day as a mini portrait session, and my goal is to give you great images that capture your children as they really are.

I photograph and edit every single image that you see in your child’s student portrait gallery, and along with my wife, process every single order that is placed before it gets sent to a lab for printing. We are a small shop, but try to respond quickly to questions and issues. The best way to get in touch with us is via email at

I photograph each child outside for anywhere from 10 seconds to a minute, with the goal of getting at least one super-solid, genuine-looking portrait of everyone. I photograph your children as they interact with me, and sometimes your children give me a ton of stuff (and I get lots of photos), other times, they just want to get in and get out (and I only get a couple of photos). The student portrait gallery is basically a journal of the short time I got to hang out and talk to your child.